68th International Trade Fair Munich
February 24- March 1

Simon CottrellLauren KalmanBiba SchutzBettina Speckner, and Lori Talcott.

The focus of Munich Jewelry Week is SCHMUCK, an exhibition at the Munich International Skilled Trades Fair. For 50 years this exhibition has combined works of selected established artists and promising newcomers in the area of contemporary jewelry design and is the meeting place for collectors, jewelry lovers and museum curators from around the world.  We are proud that five of our artists have been included in the main exhibition this year!

February 25 – March 16
Adalbertstraße 44, Munich, Germany

American Gothic is a show of works by a new generation of young American artists, designers, and jewelers.   Seeded in metalsmithing tradition, each artist uses materials in a way that is decisively their own, reflecting their own take on contemporary culture.  While looking forward, this show is firmly grounded in the now. It is a coming-out party, a sweet 16, a presentation of new Americana. Featuring works by Leslie D. Boyd, Emily Cobb, Aaron Patrick Decker, Steven Gordon Holman, Zachery Lechtenberg, and Mallory Weston.

David Clarke & Bettina Speckner
February 25 – March 18
Galerie Christian Pixis, Munich

David Clarke and Bettina Speckner manipulate and redirect our understanding of the everyday object but they do so in very different ways. The juxtaposition ofthese two bodies of work together is a rare and fresh way to contemplate and dissect the world around us. With a bow to history, craftsmanship and the formal aspects of the object, both artists make common still lifes and landscapes uncommon. Speckner will present works first seen in her solo exhibition, Things of This World, at Sienna Patti in 2015.


February 25 – 28, 2016
Gallery Biro in Collaboration with Jewelerswerk, Zieblandstraße 19, Munich

with Thea Clark, Rebekah Frank and Iris Eichenberg, Missy Graff, Lisa Gralnick, Mielle Harvey, Timothy Veske-McMahon, Darcy Miro, Edgar Mosa, Seth Papac, Carolanne Patterson, Sharon Portelance, Lauren Tickle, Aric Verrasto, Jonathan Wahl and Sayumi Yokouchi

Gallery Platina at The International Trade Fair Munich
February 24- March 1

The five finalists, Lynn Batchelder, Carina ShoshtarySeth Papac, Aric Verrastro, and Timothy Veske-McMahon, were chosen from the largest group of Artist Award applicants to date and judged on originality, depth of concept, continuity of design, and quality of craftsmanship. This year’s jurors were Philip Clarke of New Zealand, inaugural director of Objectspace; 2014 Artist Award winner Seulgi Kwon, from South Korea; and AJF board member and collector Susan Kempin, from the United States.

The AJF Artist Award acknowledges promise, innovation, and individuality, advancing the careers of rising artists.

February 25, 2016 5 – 9pm
Isabellastraße 8, Munich

Preview of project by Märta Mattsson, Klara Brynge and WALKA.
‘No man is an Island, entire of it self; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main’. This expression is a quotation from a poem by John Donne from the seventeenth century. It is an expression emphasizing a person’s connections to his or her surroundings and/or other persons.

MAD-TALKS: A personal investigation of how jewellery relates to everyday life
Friday February 16, 10 am – 1pm
Galerie Handwerk, Max-Joseph-Straße 4

In the past 10 years, major steps have been taken in artistic research. In the School of Arts PXL-MAD Hasselt (B), as in many institutes, artistic research has become one of the most important focal points. In the lecture series ‘MAD-talks’ five researchers and tutors from the Department of Object & Jewellery will present their ideas and work. With David Huycke, Anneleen Swillen, Gésine Hackenberg, Claudia Hoppe, Tine De Ruysser, Bert Willems

Thursday, February 25th from 10:00 – 11:00
Schellingstraße 3

Theme: SPREADING THE WORD – New methods in Self Publication, Promotion and Collaboration
With Hanna Hedman, Adam Grinovich, Carina Shoshtary

More and more artists are contemplating new and fresh ways of exploring and presenting their work. They are taking ownership and creating not only a broader context, but also a wider audience for their work by pioneering collaborations and redefinitions of jewellery’s relationship to other media. Hear the following artists discuss their unique creative avenues of self-publication via books, blogs, and zines.