November 10 –  21, 2018

The Kinship Between: American Women Jewelers, Part I
Curated by Mark McDonald & Sienna Patti

at *the Jewelry Library, 1239 Broadway, Suite 8, New York

in conjunction with

Curated by Mark McDonald and Sienna Patti, The Kinship Between features vintage works by three mid-century jewelers: Margaret De Patta, Ruth Roach and Betty Cooke and new work by four contemporary artists: Räissa Bump, Noam Elyashiv, Rebekah Frank and Gabriella Kiss. The show explores shared aspects of their craft as metalsmiths and the kinship between their ways of working and their design process as well as their shared use of form and material. 

Mid-century modernism extolled clean lines and bold, abstract geometric shapes, reflecting the democratic ideals that took root across the nation after the war. Exposure to the work of the Bauhaus School, constructivism and Scandinavian design led to an interest in this fresh, clean aesthetic. What connects these seven jewelry artists is not just their shared aesthetic and material interest in modernism but in their autonomy from the traditional jewelry industry. They did and do create pieces for an independent wearer, who is unconcerned with fitting into a prescribed feminine image. All of the artists in Kinship are both designer and maker of their jewelry, representing a strength of vision and clarity.


The Kinship Between will preview Saturday, November 10 at noon with a walkthrough and include a roundtable discussion. The discussion will begin at 1pm with the curators and artists. Following the preview, the exhibition will run through November 21, 2018. Hours are 10-8 p.m. Monday – Friday or by appointment. Please RSVP for the roundtable via email:

*the Jewelry Library is a newly opened public exhibition space offering collaborative research opportunities
and rotating jewelry collections curated for jewelry people by jewelry people. Produced by Karen Davidov.


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