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Mallory Weston
July 9  –  August 3,  2014

artist reception Saturday, July 26 4-6pm

artist talk Sunday, July 20 5pm
Brooklyn Metal Works

A recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Mallory Weston explores contrast and contradiction in material and meaning. Her work pairs black with white, gold with silver, shiny with dull, offering up dualities and polarities for examination. Through the repetition and patterning of graphic icons—peace signs, yin yangs, hearts, smiley faces, alien heads—Weston turns the Lisa Frank symbology of tween culture on its head, confronting the viewer with an almost alarming overload of visual information. Weston dissects the psychology of communication in the digital age, namely social media’s packaging of otherwise complex emotions into emoticon and emoji format for instant recognition and quick digestion.

Weston contends with her own generation’s comfort communicating in emoticon shorthand, reflecting the dissonance when true emotional experience is lost to the translation of feelings into graphics. Weston adorns the body in these same symbols, making the loss visible. The icon is paired with the raw physicality of meticulous stitching and intensive hand labor. The viewer confronts a clash of extremes—metal joined to fabric, a gold heart flayed with spikes, the simultaneous inviting and distancing that mirrors human relationship. The knife, the blade—itself severed—is rendered flaccid and decorative, a dislocation of power. The surreal scale and ironic detachment is rooted in the lineage of male pop artist such as Claes Oldenburg and Andy Warhol, but also takes a stance as an item of fashion, as much a part of couture culture as it is a comment on it.

Weston finds catharsis in the act of making, emancipating herself from the confines of binary opposites and the limits of instant message communication. Weston draws forth the full spectrum of emotionality and experience, reminding the viewer of the subtleties and complexities sacrificed for instant gratification.

About the Artist

Mallory Weston is an artist currently living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design  with an MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. Her work can be found in the permanent collection of the CODA Museum in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. In addition to her studio practice, she is also a part-time faculty member in the Crafts Department at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.