Julia Maria Künnap 

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May 4- June 16, 2024

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EXHIBITION  .\  06.2024

Sondra Sherman .\ The Gemstone Apothecary at Idar-Oberstein

IDAR OBERSTEIN, GERMANY - Artist Sondra Sherman's exhibition, The Gemstone Apothecary, will be presented at the Villa Bengel in Idar-Oberstein from May 16 until July 16, 2024. Regarding the 2019 residency that inspired the exhibition, Sherman writes that she "aspired to be open to the influence of the environment but sought impulses that would contribute to the progression of my research on jewelry as a type of psychological and social tool."

EXHIBITION  .\  05.2024

MFA BOSTON .\ Beyond Brilliance: Jewelry Highlights from the Collection

BOSTON - Championing the breadth and depth of the MFA’s collection, “Beyond Brilliance: Jewelry Highlights from the Collection” features both humble and exquisite objects that together illustrate the timeless human desire to self-fashion, collect, and create. Celebrating the universality of body adornment throughout the ages and across cultures, curator Emily Stoehrer has gathered over 150 objects from the museum's permanent collection.

AWARD  .\  05.2024

Julia Maria Künnap .\ Tallinn Fashion Week

TALLINN, ESTONIA - Julia Maria Kunnap wins Silver award at Tallinn Fashion Week. Enjoy this music/dance/jewelry extravaganza. 

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Sienna Patti Contemporary is one of the most prominent design and jewelry galleries in the world and stands as the leading purveyor of and educator on studio jewelry. Founded by Sienna Patti in 1998, Sienna Patti Contemporary works with both emerging and established contemporary artists who use craftsmanship as an intellectual and structural vehicle through which to share ideas and bridge the world of art, craft and contemporary design with innovative use of material and mediums. The gallery presents a multitude of group and solo exhibitions each year and exhibits at some of the leading art and design fairs worldwide.


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