February 20 – March 31, 2021


Sienna Patti Contemporary is pleased to debut UK-based jewelry artist Christopher Thompson-Royds with a showcase of his latest body of work titled FLORET.

An artist and jeweler of international renown, Thompson-Royds work is included in prominent collections in Europe and the US, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, CODA Museum, National Museum Zurich and Museum of Fine Art Houston.

Christopher first became passionate about making jewelry while at school at the Royal College of Art and attributes his interest in nature – and the depiction of it in his work – to his upbringing in the English countryside. His work, influenced by the Victorian “natura morta” studies of plants, immortalizes delicate flowers and plants of different variety in outlines of gold, precious stones, diamonds and showcases his mastery of metalwork.

In this exhibition, Thompson-Royds will show recent and brand new pieces from two series; Natura Morta and Against Nature, where the work brings to life the “unnoticed”. Both series showcase works that focus on wild flowers found in the margins between the wild and the cultivated, celebrating these often overlooked survivors.