January 11-13


JOE FERRISO | EIGHT WAVES : Palatial Skies and Sparkling Sun

Thursday, January 11 6pm – 8pm (preview)  |  Friday, January 12 11am – 7pm  |  Saturday, January 13 11am – 7pm

Joe Ferriso’s recent work, Eight Waves: Palatial Skies and Sparkling Sun is a painting in eight parts. Considered both figure and sign by the artist, each separate piece or “wave” carries the information of color. Seen together, the waves foreground the ever-changing nature of a single color as it travels across surfaces and light conditions. Color, as we have constructed it through language and culture, is widely accepted as a reliable constant. For example, the blue paint used in this work is a Benjamin Moore color titled, “Palatial Skies” and the yellow is, “Sparkling Sun”. Showing how these commercial paint colors constantly change in different conditions disrupts this construct. By analogy, it also points to the varied associations “Palatial  Skies” or “Sparkling Sun” might have to different individuals. One color can be many depending on context, positioning, individual perspective, and personal history. Creating paintings that can stand on their own in locations that put them in direct visual relation to the things they are describing highlights the contingency of color—a driving interest in Ferriso’s current body of work.

Joe Ferriso a native of Long Island, NY, and a graduate of Cooper Union, moved to San Francisco in 2009. Utilizing building materials like plywood and house paint, he creates colorful objects that play with ideas of perception and merge with existing architecture and the natural landscape. He is currently a 2018 MFA candidate at Stanford.