Selected Works

Julia Maria Künnap | Nubis
July 19 –  August 11, 2013

Subtle, silent and seductive, Künnap’s work is as familiar as it is foreign. As dark as it is light. Stones drip and curve, fingers leave indelible marks, and blades of grass become transparent and eternal.  A graduate of the Estonian Academy of Arts whose work has already been seen in international exhibitions throughout the world, this is her first solo exhibition in the United States.

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Bursting full is the moon,
its weight bends the trees.
The waters desire to be turned to wine,
they are so restless.
Kuu on täis lõhkemiseni,
puud painutab looka.
Veed ihkavad vist saada viinaks,
nad on nii rahutud.

–from The Full Moon | Täiskuu
by Marie Under
translated from the original Estonian by Ilse Lehiste


On silence.

Where can we find our grip in a world moving at light-speed?
When one doesn’t have the courage to leap off, but doesn’t want to run along, either?
I grabbed onto old materials – gemstone and precious metal. These materials have a type memory, which requests that they become jewelry.

We live in a time, where everyone constantly has something to say, where every person has a message, a statement.
The opportunity to be silent can be regarded as a luxury.
“I have nothing to say” sounds absolutely unbelievable these days.

If an idea can be described with words, then there’s no point in starting to trouble oneself with doing work.

Julia Maria Künnap, 2013.