Victoriana Reimagined
Melanie Bilenker, Jacintha Clark & Talia Greene

March 21, 2018 – September 30, 2018
Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion, Philadelphia

Victoriana Reimagined brings new works by three contemporary women artists into the Victorian interiors of the historic Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion. Melanie Bilenker is one of three artists, invited to spend time studying the Mansion and its collections to create a site-specific installation. In this exhibitions, Bilenker expands the scale of her work to create a hair-work piece in the form of a telescope book. The piece is a recreation, in miniature of her own work/live space. Deborah Krieger writes in ArtBlog ‘The craft of Bilenker’s composition must be seen to be believed; incredibly, all of the lines that render the scene are actually carefully-arranged strands of hair. Bilenker rejuvenates these now-antiquated crafts to create a portrait of a kind of female liberation, recasting the bedroom as an environment that encompasses both Victorian spheres. Even as she places her work in the stifling atmosphere of a Victorian bedroom, she reminds us of the strides towards and within the public sphere that women are still making today.’ Jacintha Clark and Talia Greene are also included in the exhibition.

The exhibition is curated by Heather Moqtaderi of Past Present Projects, an organization that specializes in bringing contemporary art into historic spaces.