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Tracy Steepy | topographies never traveled
July 16 – 31, 2016

‘Grey is the most tentative of colours and the least absolute of any: it is difficult to imagine a pure grey. Grey is the colour of the in between.’ – David Batchelor  The Luminous and the Grey

Tracy Steepy’s, Topographies Never Traveled explores the notions of physical distance, the abstracted landscape, and geographical topographies as metaphors for personal relationships. They are a fiction, places and bonds imagined and never mapped. There is quiet and a kind of melancholy in the work. The palette, monochromatic grey, serves as a signifier for the liminal, the in between. In their form language, there is a sense of failure. A sense of fracture, division, and rupture. There is also a sense of being close – but never close enough to quite touch.

Tracy Steepy is an artist whose work focuses on the format and subject matter of jewelry. Her material research focuses primarily on the use of resin and its inherit color potential as a signifier of content. Steepy received her BFA from Indiana University and her MFA from SUNY/New Paltz. She is currently an Associate Professor and Department Head of the Jewelry + Metalsmithing program at Rhode Island School of Design.