Ruta Reifen | All is Dvash
emerging artist exhibition
July 26  –  August 17, 2014

All is Dvash is Israeli-born artist Ruta Reifen’s exploration of the floral form and the joy, beauty, and raw sensuality of the natural world. Dvash, Hebrew for honey, is nectar, the promise of future fruit, the hope and potential abundance contained within each flower. Reifen captures the shapes, colors, and undulating, flowing lines of her inspiration in individually hand-sculpted, electroformed pieces, an invitation to the viewer and eventual wearer to adorn themself in beauty and rich delight.

“…Reifen is enamored with the exuberance of the aforementioned Baroque masters. The altar in Bernini’s masterpiece Sant’Andrea al Quirinale is a prime example of the type of over- the- top orgy of gold that Reifen translates into her own work by gold -plating each piece of jewelry. She wants it to be flashy as “gold is traditionally attached to these ideas of ornament.”  excerpeted from catalogue essay by Bella Neyman

About the Artist

Born in Jerusalem, Ruta Reifen received a Bachelors in Design from Shenkar College of Design, Israel, and an honors MFA in Jewelry and Metals from Rhode Island School of Design. Currently basing her studio practice in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Reifen has exhibited both nationally and internationally in Israel, Europe, and the United States; her work is included in the permanent collection at Museum of Art and Design, NY, and Penland Gallery, NC, and shown at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, OR. Reifen has taught at the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Pratt Institute, NY, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel, 92nd Street Y, NY, Brooklyn Metal Works, NY, and Penland School of Crafts, NC, and is the co-founder of Platforma, a curatorial and educational initiative that promotes contemporary art jewelry in alternative presentations.

All is Dvash and beauty is amongst us.

Growing up with threat of constant conflict, fighting for existence or rather coexistence, I was raised with the hope of better days, singing for peace, waiting for the dove with the olive branch. Through my art, I offer symbols of a dream haven; the pieces serve as a gateway to a promise land, a land of ‘milk and honey’.

Flowers hold the fertile assurance of potential fruits, their nectar the pledge of future honey. I have titled my show All is Dvash – All is Honey, hinting at the miracle of hope, abundance, life and delight contained within each flower. Flowers have nourished our minds and bodies throughout time, rich and beautiful they evoke love, affection, commemoration, resurrection, life and innocence.

Each piece is unique. Individually sculpted by my hand and electroformed in the studio, they are brought to life with highlights of color. Bold yet delicate, each is an invitation for you to connect to the dreams in your life, the olive branches.    Ruta Reifen, July 2014.

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