July 21 – August 10, 2022


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‘ I like to draw upon the ambiguity of language, of the numerous readings and associations that any word may possess, as well as how the meaning changes when a work moves from wall to body and back again.’  –  Zoe Brand

It was 8 am on a hot summer’s day in my rural town in the Berkshires when I finally sat down to connect with artist Zoe Brand via zoom.  At my picnic table, the sun glared down at even that early hour, and ten thousand miles away in Australia, Zoe, wrapped in a wool blanket, declared she was freezing. We were meeting right before she was to head to bed; it was 10 pm in her rural town in New South Wales.

I’ve wanted to have Zoe’s work in our shop since I first purchased pieces from her for myself and as a gift for my friend and artist, Melanie, in the fall of 2020: simple, 6-inch aluminum pendants pressed with the phrase (heavy sigh). I wore the pendant at the gallery on and off all winter and into the spring. The brave souls that trudged through the pandemic, into the snow, and up and over the political landscape to stop in and say hello that winter would take one look and laugh. For better or worse, we were all in on the not-so-funny joke…   READ MORE

Born in Brisbane, Australia, and now residing outside of Canberra, Zoe Brand has multiple degrees in jewelry and design. Witty, thoughtful, and endearing, her jewelry explores the performative nature of jewelry as a device for communication. Using jewelry archetypes, ready-mades, and text Brand create works in series as well as unique pieces. Recently the Director of the Personal Space Project, a gallery located in her bedroom, Brand has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide.